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    The digital nomad lifestyle is not always smooth sailing. Did you live in multiple countries this year or the last? Did you receive international payments and invoices? How do you know where to pay your income tax? In most cases, there’s a long list of rules that apply to different scenarios.

    At Digmak, we work with tax advisors with cross-border expertise to answer all your queries. Whether you are a digital nomad, influencer, expat, freelancer, entrepreneur, or a foreign corporation, we are here to assist you.

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    Our Consulting Services

    Our main objective is to provide you the best tax expert with cross-border experience. From bookkeeping to setting up a foreign corporation abroad, our network of experts can help you and guide you.

    Our team of experts is specialized in different tax scenarios. We are currently operating in Sweden and will expand to more European countries very soon!

    Our Story

    1.1B Freelancers Globally
    4.5M Digital Nomads Globally
    B2B & B2C Partner Experts
    SSE Business Lab Activate Company

    Why Choose Us

    Digmak provides you with everything you need to get rid of your tax nightmares. No bluffing- we provide a dedicated expert for your case so you can travel and dream limitless.

    Tax Experts

    We bring skilled experts from across the globe. We are the link between you and the right tax advisor

    Quality of work

    Feedback driven service. We highly value our clients' trust and confidentiality

    Experienced team

    We are digital nomads & travelers with industry experience

    Community spirit

    We are dynamic, energetic and we love to explore

    Easier access to information

    Complicated tax information broken down and simplified

    Market place

    Platform with a booking system to match tax experts with users. Coming Soon!

    Our Creative Team

    We are two female co-founders who love traveling and exploring new cultures. At Digmak we are a multilingual team, speaking English, Spanish, French and Hindi.

    Amelie Chartton

    Co-founder - CEO

    Eshita Mishra

    Co-founder - COO

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