About Us

Digmak helps others to work from the vacation of their lives with minimum tax and legal worries. We are two female entrepreneurs - Amelie Chartton and Eshita Mishra, who initiated this startup and worked on it from 2 different continents for a full year. Our entire team has an international background with people from various parts of the world, all working from wherever they feel like. And this wasn’t just a coincidence. Digmak consciously tries to create a culture where people understand what it means to have lived, studied, or worked abroad because only then they can fully grasp what the company stands for. Along with Amelie and Mishra, the team currently consists of 6 team members including the core team and interns. Additionally, we have 2 mentors, one supporting us with legal and innovation matters and another with the business aspect of the industry. In totality, including team and mentors, we are 8 female and 2 male members which we find quite empowering yet rare in the industry. 

When we started Digmak our aim was to be a company, by digital nomads for digital nomads. Our motivation was to help them, just as they helped us individually in the past. Digmak was formed with the intention of giving back to the community so that tax worries are not an obstacle when digital nomads plan their next workation. We launch our platform with this exact mindset and strive to ease the life of anyone pursuing this life. Why is this important? Along the way, we discovered that cross-border tax experts are unfortunately difficult to find. Yet, while explaining that such roadblocks to the digital nomad lifestyle exist to both corporates and the general audience, we found that it took time for them to understand this is a crucial problem. As this happened, we realized that if we, the people who truly understand this problem, cannot solve it ourselves, we cannot expect someone who has never experienced similar struggles in life to have the solution. That is why Digmak is a community-first company. We are a part of this community and consider it our responsibility to find the key to creating a smooth-sailing digital nomad life.